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Buy-Sell Agreements, Earlier is Better

A Buy-Sell agreement can be a useful planning tool for emerging companies as well as more stable, privately owned companies. In the context of an emerging company, the use of a Buy-Sell agreement provides a pathway for an orderly exit from the business by an owner if the owners do not see eye-to-eye with each other with respect to creative direction, allocation of responsibilities or other issues.

GRATs for Emerging Companies in Low Interest Rate Environments

The use by the founders of Facebook and Twitter of grantor retained annuity trusts (“GRATs”) to reduce estate taxes has been widely publicized. What many founders and entrepreneurs may not realize, however, is that the same techniques may be appropriate for companies with more modest growth potential and that considering the use of a GRAT at an early stage may be advantageous. GRATs have been discussed previously on the blog here.

In essence, a GRAT is a method to “freeze” the value of an asset at a particular point in time so that the future appreciation of that asset’s value escapes estate tax. A grantor contributes assets to a GRAT in exchange for the right to receive fixed annual payments from the GRAT for a number of years (not for life). The amount of each annual payment includes a return of a portion of the principal amount contributed plus

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