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We previously told you about the Uniform  Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (“UFADAA”) in our post found here.  Now, Florida may become the 10th state to legislate fiduciary access to digital assets.

The Florida Senate Rules Committee unanimously consented to the bill (SB 494) on Wednesday, making it available to be heard on the Senate floor.

Under the bill, a designated representative could have access to and control of an individual’s financial accounts, social media and almost anything else the person has online after their death, such as “emails, text messages, online photographs, documents stored in the cloud, electronic bank statements, and other electronic communications or records.”  The “asset” manager could be next of kin, a friend, an attorney, or anyone the person selects.

You can track the legislation in Florida, as well as additional states, and read the UFADAA at the Commission’s website here.