If we were to identify hot topics in fiduciary litigation during 2012 and 2013, this one would be scorching: what duties do trustees owe the remainder beneficiaries of revocable trusts?  We’ve explored the topic in some detail here, here, and yet again here.

Last week, over at Bryan Cave‘s Private Client Group blog, TrustBryanCave, Kathy Sherby and Stephanie Moll wrapped up a three part series on this topic.  Readers of this blog will definitely be interested:

Part 1 takes a look at Pennell v. Alverson, which we previously looked at here.

Part 2 explores the ongoing saga of In re Estate of Giraldin, which we briefly reviewed here.

Part 3 wraps up the discussion with In the Matter of Trust #T-1 of Mary Faye Trimble, which we took a look at here.